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Short Stack Printing

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Total (Inc GST) : $ 50.07

Represent your business in a fun and useful way with these 310gsm Artboard Gloss Cello Two Sides bookmarks. For your customers who like to read, these high-quality bookmarks are the perfect way to make an impact and keep your business at the forefront of their minds. The economic price of these bookmarks ensures you'll get the best product at the best price.

310gsm Artboard

This quality artboard is the perfect bookmark base for those who want the best, most economical option. The 310gsm artboard is thick and durable enough to prevent creasing and bending while the bookmark is in use. The thickness of the artboard combined with its high-quality material will keep your bookmarks crisp and like new long after they reach your customers.

Gloss Cello Finish

Give your bookmarks a luxury feel with this silky gloss cello finish. The gloss cello finish adds a smooth and professional touch to your bookmarks that will set them apart from those of your competitors. Plus, the gloss cello finish provides an extra layer of durability so you can be sure your bookmarks will remain clear and legible even while they are in use.

Optional Two Sides

To further improve upon your bookmarks, utilize the two-sided printing option to double your designs. With this feature, you can include twice as much information on your bookmarks as you can with the standard one-sided option. Having two sides with designs will give your customers more information about your business and will increase the professionalism of your products.

With these high-quality bookmarks, your customers are sure to keep your business in mind every time they open up their favorite book. Plus, the thick artboard and glossy finish will demonstrate your dedication to quality and customer service. To get the most out of your bookmarks, choose these 310gsm Artboard Gloss Cello Two Sides bookmarks today.