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350gsm Cast Coated Artboard Matt Cello One Side Business Cards

Make your mark with a customised 350gsm Cast Coated Artboard Matt Cello One-Side business card. It's a tough business climate out there, where making sure your customers feel valued is critical to sustainable success. In many cases, a business card may be the first piece of real-life stationery a prospective customer receives. With this in mind, it's important to ensure that your cards are as good as they possibly can be - which is where we come in!

Coated to Last Longer

The whole point of a business card is that your prospective customer will take it out and refer to it at a later date, which means it needs to be capable of remaining intact long enough for this to happen! 350gsm cast coated artboard is a resilient material that's resistant to moisture and sunlight. 

It's also fairly rigid - ideal if a card has been tucked away in a wallet or cardholder, then left there for a while. 

This is a business card that's laminated on one side to prevent moisture from leaving any unsightly marks. Laminated material is also resistant to oil-based smears and spills. Nobody is going to find a stained or worn business card appealing, which is why the durable 350gsm Cast Coated Artboard Matt Cello One-Side business card is such a good option - it will keep looking good long after lesser cards have disintegrated.

Quality and Value

Alongside rigid, high-grade artboard, we also employ premium inks. Resistant to moisture and UV light, our inks are applied using state-of-the-art equipment. What this means for customers in receipt of a beautifully printed card, with crisp, clear imagery and strong, accurate colours. We can provide a design for you, or use your design to print. 

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