Short Stack Printing

Mid-weight 360gsm Artboard

The material used for this card is heavy enough to feel high-quality, but without the higher price tag which a thicker artboard commands. It's also sturdy enough to resist folds, creases or other signs of wear. Using a mid-weight artboard ensures your business card will survive careless storage in a wallet or being handled repeatedly.

Single-sided Celloglazing

Celloglazing, also known as laminating, involves coating the business card with every thin layer of plastic, securely held in place with the application of hot glue. Celloglazing has two main benefits. Firstly, it protects the card from moisture, fingerprints, smears and other contaminants, ensuring it continues to look pristine, even after handling and storage.

Secondly, celloglazing enhances the appearance of the printing beneath it. The effect varies depending on whether a matt or gloss finish is utilised. 

A material that's been celloglazed can be difficult to write on with a standard ink pen or ballpoint. As only one side of the card is celloglazed, the reverse can be used to easily write a personalised message or alternative contact details. Single-sided celloglazing provides all the benefits of the process, at the same time as allowing users to provide additional, personalised information as required.

Gloss Finish

Celloglazing with a gloss finish results in a shiny look to the business card. It accentuates the colours in the printed design, giving the card a bolder, more striking appearance.

An adaptable, attractive product, the 360gsm Artboard Gloss Cello One Side business card is a cost-effective, high-performance addition to your suite of marketing materials.

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Total (Inc GST) : $ 13.70