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Total (Inc GST) : $ 57.90

Represent your business in a fun and useful way with these 360gsm Artboard Gloss Cello Two Sides Bookmarks from Short Stack Printing. For your customers who enjoy reading, these bookmarks are the perfect way to stay informed about your business while reading a favorite book. Distribute these bookmarks to give your business information to new and existing customers in a memorable way.

360gsm Artboard Base

The 360gsmgsm artboard makes the perfect base for a high-quality bookmark that your customers will be able to enjoy for a long time. The thick artboard prevents your bookmarks from creasing or bending while they are being used. The thickness of the bookmark base gives these bookmarks a professional feel and makes them durable enough for prolonged use by your customers.

Gloss Cello Finish

The gloss cello finish on these bookmarks adds an extra layer of luxury with its extreme softness. The gloss cello finish keeps your bookmarks silky and smooth to the touch. The specialty finish adds an extra layer of durability to your bookmarks, extending their lifespan even further. Plus, the luxury finish demonstrates your dedication to a positive customer experience in every way.

Two-Sided Option

If you want to add even more content to your bookmark design, you can utilize the two-sided bookmark option to double the space you have to fill with your designs. With this feature, you can include twice as much information and artwork in your bookmark, making it even more unique. If you don't have a specific design in mind, Short Stack Printing can help you create the perfect design to represent your business.

Do more than just a traditional business card and distribute useful bookmarks to your clients instead. With these bookmarks, your customers will be reminded of your business every time they sit down to read. Represent your business in the best way possible with these 420gsm Artboard Gloss Cello Two Sides Bookmarks.