Short Stack Printing

Make an impact with your business cards by choosing these 420gsm Artboard Gloss Cello One Side standard business cards. These business cards are perfect for businesses that take pride in their correspondence with clients, but also have a large client base to reach. These standard business cards are ideal for everyday use and are made of high-quality materials that showcase the best of your brand's design.

420gsm Artboard Keep your business cards looking like new by choosing to print on this durable 420gsm artboard. The thickness of this high-quality artboard adds a luxurious touch and is the perfect base for your brand's unique design. Plus, this durable artboard stays free from bends or creases while withstanding the addition of numerous special features and embellishments. The 420gsm artboard is thicker than traditional business cards and is sure to keep your cards crisp as they are passed on to clients.

Gloss Cello One Side Finish

This specialty gloss cello one side finish gives your design a shiny, silky finishing touch. The glossy finish leaves your business cards luxuriously smooth for a classy yet contemporary take on a business card design. The gloss cello finish also adds an extra layer of durability to the business card, so you can be sure it will stay like new as it reaches new and existing clients alike. To highlight your brand's most important information, the gloss cello finish is applied to one side of the business card. UV Cured Back for Writing To cater to those who prefer to jot down a message or quote on the back of their business cards, these cards feature a UV cured back to act as a writing surface. While the front of the card offers unrivaled protection and a glossy finish, the back of the card is perfect for adding specific information for clients during face-to-face interactions. With two different finishes on one business card, these gloss cello one side cards are perfect for any given scenario.

Personalised Designs

Submit your own design to be printed on your business cards rather than choose from selected templates that decrease your brand's individuality. If you already have a business card design you'd like to use, it can be printed straight onto these gloss cello one side business cards quickly and seamlessly. Your unique design will set your business apart from others who utilize impersonal templates.

If you do not have a business card design already, Short Stack Printing can help you create a design that best represents your business. The design process is simple and will help you access your creative side to produce a design that will make a positive impression on your clients.

These business cards are sure to make an impact on new and existing customers and highlight your brand's best features. The gloss cello one side finish and UV cured back make these business cards perfect for any situation. To create the best business cards for your brand today, choose these 420gsm Artboard Gloss Cello One Side standard business cards.

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