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If you’re a bookworm with a flair for the arts, then our 420gsm Artboard Gloss Cello One-Side Bookmarks are the perfect modern bookmark for you. These sleek and well-crafted bookmarks will last long past your adventures in Snow White.

Durable board stock

Get off your phone and put it down for a second to enjoy the world around you. Artboard is durable board stock made from paper, so it won't damage the pages of your book or create nasty creases that ruin your bookmark's shape.

Your bookmarks will also never get lost because they're packaged 10 per pack in plastic sleeves with a sturdy chipboard backer - just place them horizontally inside a binder and insert them into the front cover using either our side scorer punches, binding machine, or slot punch.

High-gloss cello artboard is the perfect choice for a lovely bookmark

As these deluxe bookmarks can be personalized at your company's leisure. If you need to keep those fingers from flipping through those carefully perused pages, try one of our luxury gold-striped markers set alongside a dual-sided gridded notebook.

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Greeting cards are boring, but these are anything but BORING! Get your creative juices flowing because these custom-printed artist's books will be sure to do the trick. For those times when there just aren't enough words, this design allows you to let your expression take over with strata of markers, paints and collage materials that literally paint word.