Short Stack Printing

The 420gsm Artboard Matt Cello One-Side economy business card offers a versatile, cost-effective solution to your business card needs. If you're looking for a card that will boost customer loyalty, send out all the right messages about your business and still not break the bank, this option is a great one to add to your range of marketing materials.

Durable Material

If you're buying a business card, you're going to need one that's built to last. Flimsy cards are just going to end up as a pile of crumpled mush - in contrast, hard-wearing 420gsm artboard with a laminated front face provides a robust card that's going to withstand rough treatment and still come through looking good.

Water-Resistant Front

Laminating (celloglazing) the card results in a water-resistant layer that also repels smears, stains and other contaminants. Nobody wants to spend time looking at a business card that's soggy or water-damaged. A layer of lamination protects the print on the card, optimising the chances it will keep looking good.

Card Back Options

The back of the 420gsm Artboard Matte Cello One Side business card is valuable space that you can use to give your customers more. Whether it's a personalised message, a calendar, additional information about your goods or services, or a promotional offer, the back of the card offers some great opportunities to increase the value your business card offers.

Price Calculator

Total (Inc GST) : $ 14.25