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Nowadays, people are busier and more selective about their time; they make use of bookmarks as a tool to save useful information rather than viewing them as paperweights. With promotional bookmarks making an increase in sales and brand awareness, it is crucial to ensure that your design remains close to the consumers' daily life such as incorporating high impact on both sides.

Try our 420gsm stock with Matt Cello Two Sides and Spot UV on one side as an ideal solution to promote your brand or next promotional event.

Promote your brand at the right place

One of the best benefits that bookmarks offer is promoting your brand or product at the right location and time. Consumers will be exposed to your bookmarks every day, whether on their way to work or school. The more exposure you can get, the higher chance of gaining interest from consumers.

Impress your audience with high quality

With promotional bookmark printing services, you are guaranteed to receive the best material which will impress your readers. The texture and thickness of our bookmarks are one of our main selling points as well as their bright colours that bring higher impact to the design. Our Matt Cello two sides or Spot UV on one side to print your design, making your bookmarks stand out from the rest!

Increase brand awareness

As a promotional product, bookmarks are an affordable and cost-effective way to promote your business. By using them as giveaways or distributing them during various events such as product launches or seminars will give you more exposure both offline and online.

 Save time

Promotional bookmarks are made to be saved, not thrown away. With our design services or customizable templates, you can easily create your own printed bookmarks with ease. Promote your brand without the hassle of designing and printing them!

Looking for an economical way to make your bookmark shine? Why not try our 420gsm stock with Matt Cello Two Sides and Spot UV on one side? It's the perfect option to take your clients bookmarks to the next level while keeping within the budget.