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Business Card Sample Pack

Business Card Sample Pack

Check and feel the texture, print quality, and design excellence of our products with a business card sample pack. Short Stack Printing understands your desire to feel a product before buying it. When you are at an impasse and can’t decide the right paper or finishing options, our comprehensive sample pack can help.

We include standard business cards in the kit to help you understand our range better. With a simple checkout process, order your pack quickly to meet our papers and designs in person.

250gsm Gloss Art Business CardsStarts from $ 10.87

250gsm Gloss Art Business Cards

Boost your professional image and brand value with elegant 250gsm gloss art business cards from Short Stack Printing. We deploy the latest printing techniques and high-quality cardstock to add a beautiful shimmer to your cards. Since a card says a lot about your business and brand, we ensure that it conveys professionalism and quality.

Glossy cards work best if you need budget-friendly options without compromising quality and finesse. We apply the high-gloss UV coating on both sides to sustain wear and tear. Choose a template from our site or upload your print-ready design to produce as many batches as you need.

310gsm Artboard Uncoated Business CardsStarts from $ 12.41

310gsm Artboard Uncoated Business Cards

Order 310gsm Artboard uncoated business cards from Short Stack Printing when you need versatility at affordable prices. Our uncoated cardstock offers a writable surface and a natural feel, creating impactful impressions and valuable business connections.

Though the texture of our 310gsm Artboard stock is similar to traditional papers, it contains more thickness to resist damages and remain legible for longer periods. Order your cards with rounded or 5mm corners to add individuality. You can also maximise your message with double-side printing.

310gsm Artboard Gloss Cello One Side Business CardsStarts from $ 13.28

310gsm Artboard Gloss Cello One Side Business Cards

Leave a lasting impression with Short Stack Printing's 310 GSM artboard gloss cello one side business cards. When interacting with potential clients and customers, little details can make all the difference. A vibrant, glossy business card featuring your business's name, logo, tagline, and contact information can enhance the overall image of your business. 

Our high-grade 310 GSM business cards are lightweight and crease-proof. These ultra-thin cards slip easily into pockets, wallets, and cardholders. So you will not have to fumble while pulling the card out of your wallet or pocket after a meeting or event. Customers can choose between standard sharp corners and 5mm corners. 

310gsm Artboard Gloss Cello Two Sides Business CardsStarts from $ 13.93

310gsm Artboard Gloss Cello Two Sides Business Cards

Quality business cards that let you advertise your profession and network simultaneously are crucial for your success.

Manufactured on a 310gsm gloss coated card, our cards are lightweight enough to fit into any wallet or cardholder with ease. Choose our affordable Artboard Gloss Cello Two Sides business card to make your first impression on potential clients, business partners, and more.  

310gsm Artboard Matt Cello One Side Business CardsStarts from $ 13.31

310gsm Artboard Matt Cello One Side Business Cards

Make an impact on future customers with these 310gsm Artboard Matt Cello One Side business cards. These basic business cards are ideal for everyday use by businesses with a large client base. While these business cards are made for everyday use, their additional features and high-quality materials set them apart from traditional business cards. 

310gsm Artboard Matt Cello Two Sides Business CardsStarts from $ 13.98

310gsm Artboard Matt Cello Two Sides Business Cards

Stand out from the crowd with lightweight, silky-smooth, 310 GSM artboard matt cello, two-sides business cards by Short Stack Printing. These cards are perfect for you if you need economy class 310 stock that will easily fit into wallets and pockets.

The tactile matt finish and high-quality print can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your business logo, taglines, and contact details. Our 310 GSM cards come with square corners or 5mm corners. Additionally, these high-quality business cards are fully customizable and come in two different sizes.