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Short Stack Printing

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Pimp your ride and get your message out there at the same time with high-impact, low-effort Car Door Magnets. These handy marketing tools are perfect for raising awareness on the road - everywhere you go, you let people know who you are and what you can offer.

Designed to Protect Your Paintwork

Whether you choose to use Car Door Magnets on your own car, the company van or another vehicle, it's important that they don't damage any paintwork. These Magnets are overlaid by a silicon layer, which ensures your paintwork stays in top condition.

Variety of Sizes

The right Magnet size is normally determined by the size of your vehicle. Our sizes range from a more modest 200mm x 600mm right up to 300mm x 1200mm. No matter what vehicle you want to decorate, we've got Magnets that will fit.

Available in any Design

Our skilled team of designers can create any design on your Magnets. If you know what you want, we can reproduce it accurately. If you're not sure, we have plenty of design experience and ideas, which we are happy to put at your disposal. 

Long-lasting and Waterproof

As you would expect from a product that's designed to sit on a vehicle's exterior, our Magnets are built to last. We use inks that are immune to deterioration from UV light, as well as durable material for the Magnet itself. The result is a marketing item that will keep looking good and stay in place, no matter what the weather may bring.

High-grade Inks for Stunning Results

You don't want just any old rubbish on your car! That's why our printing is completed using premium inks and our expert team. The result is high-impact marketing material that makes a powerful statement.

Car Door Magnets are an innovative, adaptable marketing solution that has the potential to make your vehicle look amazing, as well as get your point across.