Represent your business in the best way possible with these Desk Pads from Short Stack Printing. With a customisable design, these desk pads are the perfect solution to a common problem and a great way to provide a positive brand experience. A sleek design and high-quality materials make these desk pads the perfect gifts for customers and other professionals alike.

Custom Design Options

These desk pads come in both A3 and A4 sizes for larger and smaller options. You can also specify the page count you'd prefer for your desk pads. In addition to these design specifications, you can choose a custom design to match your business's logo or colours. Simply upload the design you want to be printed onto your desk pads, or hire the Short Stack Printing Designer to help you create a creative design to fit your business.

Perfect for Gifts

Whether you need a gift for a client or for members of your own company, these desk pads are the perfect gift for any professional. By giving these desk pads as gifts, you'll ensure your business is on the mind of anyone who uses them.

Made from high-quality materials, these desk pads are a great addition to the desk of any professional. The neat design and extra writing space is ideal for anyone with lots of important dates and appointments to keep track of. Choose the perfect gift and order these desk pads today.

Price Calculator

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