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Total (Inc GST) : $ 165.02

Attract your audience to your premises or trade stand like bees to a honeypot with these Large Rectangle Banner Flags - Printed One Side. These banners are BIG, which means they're going to attract plenty of attention, no matter where you display them.

Perfect for outdoor use, especially in locations where you want motorists to have time to take in your message and respond to it as they approach, larger banners make an impressive advertising feature in almost any setting.

Designed for the Great Outdoors

Nobody wants a flag that can't hack it in the open. The Large Rectangle Banner Flags - Printed One Side that we sell are made from tough 110gsm knitted polyester. This durable material is lightweight, strong and resistant to sun damage.

To complement the base material of the flag, we use high-grade inks and an advanced dye-sublimation technique. This results in a high-end finish, with deep, intense colours and clearly defined lines. What's more, the dye-sublimation technique prevents the flaking, cracking and fading that can occur when inferior printing options are chosen.

Complimentary Setup Kit

Along with each large flag, we also provide a suitably sized pole for you to mount it on, a star-picket spike to secure it on the ground and a case to transport and store it in when not in use. There is no additional charge for these items, which we provide to ensure our customers have everything they need to display their banners to the best advantage.

Easy to Setup and Transport

We have deliberately chosen lightweight materials and easy set-up options for our large flags. Despite the fact that a large rectangle banner flag measures 700mm wide x 2660mm high (3150mm high when fully assembled on its fibreglass pole), it can still be carried by one person. 

In most cases, this flag can also be mounted on its pole and moved into position by a single individual.