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Looking for Large Rectangle Banner Flags - Printed Two Sides to get your message across? We've got just the thing.

Rectangular banner flags are a popular choice, not least because it's possible to display a considerable amount of information on them, due to their shape. If you've got a lot to say, Large Rectangle Banner Flags - Printed Two Sides can be ideal.

Two-Sided Printing for Additional Impact

There are two main advantages to double-sided printing. Firstly, it means that if your flag is positioned so that it is passed by traffic going both ways, all passersby get the same message about you and your brand. This doubles the potential reach of your branding.

The second advantage is that there is an opportunity to provide more information than you can fit on a single-sided flag. You may wish to duplicate your main branding message or use one side of the flag to tell customers more about your products, provide details of a promotional offer or simply display a goodwill message that gives a favourable impression.

A Banner That Stands out at a Distance

If you want to attract passing trade from motorists, or want to stand out in a large, outdoor trade show, market or similar, you need a banner that's going to be visible from some distance away. The large rectangle banner flag measures 700mm wide x 2660mm high. Once it's set up on its pole, it's an imposing 4.15m high.

That sort of size can be seen by motorists from quite some distance, optimising the chances they'll take your message on board and have time to stop at your premises.

High-quality Materials that Last

A combination of dye-sublimation using premium inks and heavy-duty 110gsm knitted polyester fabric results in a hard-wearing flag that can withstand sunlight, water and changes in temperature.

Ask about our wide range of designs, or let us use your design ideas to create a high-grade banner that's an excellent fit for your brand.