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Looking for striking banners that are easy to transport and carry plenty of impact? The Medium Teardrop Banner Flags - Printed Two Sides from ShortStack are the perfect solution.

Designed to sit securely outside premises, they also work really well at conferences, conventions, trade fairs, outdoor sales events or anywhere else where you need to advertise your presence. 

Versatile Dimensions

There are certain locations where a very large banner just isn't going to fit. In these circumstances, Medium Teardrop Banner Flags - Printed Two Sides will be a good alternative to the bigger options. Medium teardrop banners measure 750mm x 2200mm - large enough to be clearly visible, but not so big that they'll create a problem in a confined space. 

Particularly if you're exhibiting the banner indoors in a standard office environment, the ceiling may not be much more than 2400mm high. This is still high enough for the medium banners to be displayed effectively.

Tough 110gsm Knitted Polyester

We create our flags to last! The knitted polyester used in this banner is hard-wearing and won't rip or buckle. It's also light enough to be easily carried - a must if you intend to use it in a number of different locations.

Take Advantage of Two Sides of Advertising

Whilst some customers may want the same information on both sides of their teardrop banner, others may wish to use one side for traditional brand information (such as a logo, phone number of the store name), and use the other side for a different message. Alternative contact details, such as a social media page, or a relevant message, can be displayed to advantage on the reverse of a teardrop banner.

Our banners are printed using high-grade inks that are resistant to moisture, UV light and changes in temperature. 

With a wealth of banner designs readily available, we can either design you a flag, in line with your requirements or use your ideas to create a unique design to your specifications.