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Never miss a page or an opportunity to build a brand's reputation with custom-printed bookmarks. Simple yet creative, affordable but high quality, bookmarks still have a place in the hearts of many book lovers despite the dawn of the digital age.

Cost effective and useful, bookmarks offer a much longer shelf life than traditional advertising methods. Tucked inside a diary or a favourite book, customers can rediscover a brand or message, keeping it in front of their noses for weeks, months, maybe even longer!

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420gsm Artboard Gloss Cello One Side BookmarksStarts from $ 17.70

420gsm Artboard Gloss Cello One Side Bookmarks

If you’re a bookworm with a flair for the arts, then our 420gsm Artboard Gloss Cello One-Side Bookmarks are the perfect modern bookmark for you. These sleek and well-crafted bookmarks will last long past your adventures in Snow White.

Get off your phone and put it down for a second to enjoy the world around you. Artboard is durable board stock made from paper, so it won't damage the pages of your book or create nasty creases that ruin your bookmark's shape.

420gsm Artboard Gloss Cello Two Sides BookmarksStarts from $ 18.78

420gsm Artboard Gloss Cello Two Sides Bookmarks

Represent your business in a fun and useful way with these 420gsm Artboard Gloss Cello Two Sides Bookmarks from Short Stack Printing. For your customers who enjoy reading, these bookmarks are the perfect way to stay informed about your business while reading a favorite book. Distribute these bookmarks to give your business information to new and existing customers in a memorable way.

420gsm Artboard Matt Cello One Side BookmarksStarts from $ 17.74

420gsm Artboard Matt Cello One Side Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a versatile promotional product that can be used to promote your business or event. They also make an excellent addition to any marketing campaign you're running. As they're quite cheap, it's even possible to purchase them in bulk and give them out as free giveaways at events.

420gsm Artboard Matt Cello Two Sides BookmarksStarts from $ 18.86

420gsm Artboard Matt Cello Two Sides Bookmarks

Our most popular printed bookmark and the perfect promotional product for any book lover! The bookmarks are printed full colour on one side and matt cello on the other. They're 180mm long by 50mm wide and come packaged 50 per pack.

420gsm Artboard Uncoated BookmarksStarts from $ 16.25

420gsm Artboard Uncoated Bookmarks

Reading a physical book is increasingly becoming a luxury as the world becomes more digital. Our 420gsm Uncoated stock can help you make the ideal bookmark for your target market.

Bookmarks for promotional events are an effective advertising tool that captures the attention of potential customers through its unique design and shape. Custom bookmarks can be used as giveaways during exhibitions, concerts, sports events, etc., where people may need to set their reading aside briefly but will still want to keep a reminder that a particular book exists.